Army veteran (and Performix CEO) Matt Hesse has launched FitOps, a new fitness+empowerment initiative.  I was browsing magazines, when I saw a cool new one called FitOps.  I looked inside, and learned it was an entire cultural movement built around the renewal and mental strength that can come from physical fitness.  The specific mission of Fit Ops is certifying veterans as elite personal trainers, so that they can pass on the gift of serious fitness. 


This fellow, Matt, is some kind of dynamo.  He created Performix (the best-selling GNC product), and now this.  That deserves one helluva attaboy.  Check it out: FitOps.org              - Christian


Veteran and active-duty suicides are up. 

Civilian suicides are up.

47,000 Americans take their own lives every year. 


It’s an epidemic. 

And we need new weapons to fight it. 


I believe one of the most powerful new weapons against suicide isn’t a drug or a therapy.  It’s a human being named Jimmy Hatch.  When people hear his story, triggers are less likely to get pulled.

Are we solving the whole suicide problem?  No.  But Jimmy's story is one good weapon in the fight.



We met a remarkable fellow who was working as a docent at the Palm Springs Air Museum, and realized that his story was just as compelling as the exhibits. 

Christian D'Andrea

Met this rock star a few days ago.  Bob survived 29 missions in a B-29 in WW2.
Sending love and respect to Bob, in honor of Memorial Day.

Air and Space header.jpg


We created Soldier Fuel energy bars because we wanted the troops to have healthier, zero-trans fat, zero-HFCS performance nutrition instead of the dangerous trans-fat bars they were being force-fed.  Now, Soldier Fuel is recommended in the U.S. Special Operations Forces Nutrition Guide and featured on shows like Discovery Channel's INCREDIBLE INVENTIONS.

hooah as a word that means hooah and hooah the legendary battle cry hooah  heard acknowledged understood

The D'Andrea brothers brought wounded Soldiers from Walter Reed
out on the water with professional BASS anglers.  A great day.
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