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I'm a mother and a pilot in the Air Force. Being cost-effective for my family is a big deal, and I take it seriously.  So I thought I'd share my passion for finding pro-military deals with everyone and

Devon, the deal seeker

let everyone join in on the adventure!  Let's help each other take advantage of all the savings that are out there for mlitary folks and families.

the D'Andrea Brothers

We've spent a lot of our careers doing right by the troops.  We created SoldierFuel™ energy bars because we wanted the troops to have healthier, zero-trans fat, zero-HFCS performance nutrition (  And now SoldierFuel™ is recommended in the Special Operatins Forces Nutrition Guide.  We produce documentaries that showcase the valor, selflessnes, and professionalism of the men and women in uniform (most recently the HALO Freefall Warriors series on Discovery and the Hurricane Hunter series on Weather Channel).  We also sponsor and support Ride 2 Recovery, the Army Ten-Miler, SEAL Legacy Foundation, and other pro-military groups.

About Us

We're passionate about helping the men and women in uniform.  That's why we want to be the #1 free resource for finding pro-military deals all over the world.

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