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The Porch

and the art of

Listening to America

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Whether affixed to the front of a country cabin or attached to an urban tenement, porches have witnessed — and fostered — the birth of a lot of great American music, and a lot of great American talents.


Tapping into that tradition, and preserving it, I'm celebrating The Porch in both a filmed docu-series and staged theater performances.  At my first cycle of live shows in Richmond, VA, I brought roots musicians, bards, and storytellers to a transplanted Appalachian porch in a downtown theater, where we explored the music and lore that's been created and kept alive on American porches. 


Join me on an odyssey to explore this mystical musical incubator — the American porch.  It's where American music was born, and where it lives again.      


- Christian D'Andrea

From the live show



a Shunpiking  venture 


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