Spending our careers in support of the troops

+ We created Soldier Fuel energy bars because we wanted the troops to have healthier, zero-trans fat, zero-HFCS performance nutrition (soldierfuel.com) instead of the dangerous trans-fat bars they were being force-fed.  Now Soldier Fuel is recommended in the Special Operations Forces Nutrition Guide.

+ We spent money and time securing the HOOAH clothing trademark from a private company and then we gave FREE LICENSES of that trademark to Army wives, so that they could use HOOAH on t-shirts etc.  Why'd we do it?  Because Army wives serve, too.

+ We produce documentaries that showcase what's best about America, as represented by the valor, selflessness, and professionalism of the men and women in uniform (incl. HALO Freefall Warriors on Discovery and Hurricane Hunters on Weather Channel). 

+ We've also sponsored and supported Ride 2 Recovery, the Army Ten-Miler, SEAL Legacy Foundation, and other pro-military groups (scroll down).

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