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HILLARY DOBBS pain issue after birth




  • Despite heavy pain medication, Hillary's pain has been increasing since her Oct. 20, 2020 delivery.

  • 6 days after birth, her pain has increased to a 10 (on a 10-point scale). 

    • She says it is "the worst pain of my life."  She has an extremely high pain tolerance; a 10 for her would be a 15 for me (her fiance). 

    • She still cannot walk on her own.  She can barely inch and shuffle along with the help of a walker, covering only the distance from bed to bathroom (about 15 feet).

    • When seated, she cannot lift her legs on to the couch.

  • She has a suspicion that the intense pain might be from something more than the (typical) damage to lady parts during birth. 

    • She feels the pain most sharply in her hips and down the inside of her left leg, which is now quite swollen.  Perhaps the pain is from a structural problem (a result of her very intense and powerful 25 minues of pushing to give birth)?  Is it possible the hip is dislocated?  Is her pubic bone out of joint?  Are tendons torn? 

      • Saturday, she heard a loud "pop" in her hip as she shifted on the couch.

    • Is there potentially nerve damage?

    • While in the hospital, a CT scan revealed a lesion in the bladder, which might be a polyp that was irritated by the catheter that was used.  There was also a severe UTI just after delivery, which is largely cleared up now.  But are these enough to explain the kind of extreme, debilitating pain she is still feeling in her hips and leg and bladder area?


Both thighs are swollen.  But especially the left.




Note: the pediatrician on Sunday, October 25, recommended we discontinue Ketorolac and Pyridium and avoid Norco as much as possible... only take Norco if necessary, but not at regular levels (or if we do take it at the current prescribed levels, stop breastfeeding).  For the baby's health.





She'd been seeing a GI specialist (Dr. Naveen Reddy).  And Hillary's was deemed a high-risk pregnancy due to GI issues.  She had previously been diagnosed with cirrhosis.


She gave birth to her son at JMC at ~10pm on Tuesday, 10/20/2020.

  • Induced. 

  • Epidural.

  • Catheter.

    • There was blood in her urine bag... kool aid at first...then darker.  The darkness lessened somewhat closer to actual delivery.

    • NOTE: she'd had 4 UTIs during pregnancy.

  • The doctor said it looked good and would be quick, probably only 2-4 hours of pushing.  Hillary gave birth after just 25 minutes of intense pushing.  She got some vaginal stitches.

  • The baby is healthy.  Born at 7 pounds 1 oz.

Immediately afterward, though, she became groggy.  She got ashen, and was fading out.  This is not unusual, I know.  But twice, she looked at me (her fiance) and was unable to speak, with her eyes open.  She calls it "like having an out of body experience... I was looking at myself... and couldn't say the words."

Wednesday morning, 10/21, she felt extreme pain.

  • Could not walk.  People held to her as she went from bed to bathroom.

  • The pain was a 9 (on 10-pt scale).  She is a former professional athlete, with an extremely high pain tolerance.  For her to admit a 9 pain level, would be off the charts (a 12) for me.

  • We were told that post-birth pain is normal.  That it will fade.

Started a regimen of drugs. 

  • Percocet (Oxycodone and Acet)

  • Motrin

  • Toradol IV.

But Hillary felt that things like Percocet were not having much effect on the pain.

There was a slight occasional lessening of pain (to a 7) as she stayed in bed during the day Wednesday.

  • She felt the source of pain was not in her lady parts.

  • She felt it was her bladder area, after a consult with the doctor on general location.

  • A CT scan and urine culture was ordered at some point.

  • CT scan indicated some kind of lesion (maybe polyp) inside bladder... theory is that maybe it was irritated by catheter, which is now causing her pain.

At 12:30 am Thursday the pain INCREASED to a 10.  Walking was almost unbearable, even with me holding her up.  She almost collapsed from the pain.

  • We told the nurse we felt that more might be happening than just normal pregnancy pain and possible bladder polyp irritation, and we might be missing something.  The nurse agreed and got a urinalysis ordered.  Because urine cultures take longer for results.

  • The urinalysis revealed she had a "potent", very severe UTI.

  • Antibiotics were started

  • The nurse also recommended and put Hillary on Pyrdium for bladder issue.

7am Thursday Oct. 22

  • Hillary felt like the act of breathing (in bed) was knocking the wind out of her.  Exhaling is "massively painful."

  • She had chest pain.

  • Extreme hip and bladder-area pain continued, hitting 10 levels often.

Friday morning, Oct. 23 (in hospital):

  • WBC count was 6.6... hemo 8.5.

    • We were told the Wednesday (Oct 21st) WBC had been 13.2.

Saturday - At one point, while shifting back out of the reclining position, she heard a loud "pop" in her hip.

Monday Oct. 26 - Still hitting a 10 pain level for much of the day (with intermitent lulls in the pain down to a 7).  Still confined to the couch.  Still unable to lift her legs up on to the couch by herself. 

Her GI evaluated the CT scnan and says


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