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We always successfully defend our HOOAH® trademarks, because we care about enlisted men and women.

We'll always fight on their behalf.  Even when others won't.

THE PROBLEM:  For-profit corporations are making money by infringing the HOOAH® trademark.  They sell unauthorized duds with "HOOAH" on them, sometimes for obscene amounts.  These companies are for-profit, and they give little back to the troops.  It's not good.

THE SOLUTION:  We offer HOOAH® brand gear for reasonable prices.  We frequently grant Military Spouses free licenses to our mark.  And we give 100% of profits from our HOOAH® shirts to pro-veteran causes.  Period.  And that's why the men and women in uniform support us.  (The people who don't support us are the for-profit corporations that make money by overcharging people and infringing the HOOAH® trademark.)

We own the two registered HOOAH® trademarks. 

In addition, our HOOAH® trademarks have been recognized as Incontestable by the USPTO.

Dandrea Brothers LLC HOOAH trademark registration certificate USPTO copy.jpg
Dandrea Brothers LLC HOOAH mark incontestable.jpg

The trademark owners / Us

hooah codst.png

The Infringers?

CafePress seems to have very little respect for the registered trademark.

Cafepress infringes HOOAH trademark and rips off troops with price.jpg

Lindsay Moore (the Cafepress IP Rights Manager) has exhibited troubling behavior. 

As a courtesy, we sent Lindsay a note asking Cafepress to cease infringing and/or facilitating infringement with its many clothing items featuring HOOAH.  Cafepress knew we had the USPTO-registered trademark.  She wrote back a snide missive in which she made strange claims that trademark law doesn't protect words and phrases, and that as a result "we [Cafepress] are not currently inclined to remove the content you have complained about from our websites." 

So we asked Amazon to review the matter, since Cafepress sells/sold its merch emblazoned with HOOAH on Amazon.  Amazon unpublished the infringing Cafepress items (all of them) immediately.

And then, wouldn't you know, we get an email from Lindsay Moore

We're told that the for-profit licensing giant authorizes, sells, and/or facilitates merchandise like the hats below.

We're looking into it; we've asked them for info, but they have not responded.  

beanstalk infringe.jpg

Unlike infringers, some big companies are decent. 
Amazon recognizes our rights.

Amazon Brand Registry HOOAH.jpg

Walmart decided on their own to unpublish items they apparently deemed to be infringing our HOOAH® trademark
(while DBLLC has no control over those actions and decisions, the actions do support DBLLC's position).

wm nov 16 2022 removed infringers.png

Delta Apparel Inc. has revenues of around $400M a year, and they've recognized our rights.

Delta Apparel recognizes Dandrea Brothers LLC HOOAH mark.jpg

We're a small family business.  When bigger companies attempt to bully us, we fight back, stand up for small business, and always prevail at the TTAB.

In this case, the company that launched a suit to cancel our mark had their claim not only denied by the USPTO, but denied "with prejudice," meaning their cause is permanently dead.

Dandrea Brothers LLC beats Columbus Colormac LLC at TTAB regarding HOOAH trademark.jpg

We have licensees (including veteran-owned businesses).  They respect trademark law, and they're awesome.  We love our licensees. 

We're also known for granting free licenses to Army Wives for the use of our registered HOOAH® mark. 

Knee Deep in the HOOAH.jpg
Knee Deep 4.jpg
Knee Deep 4 tru.jpg
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