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We're the guys behind Soldier Fuel®,, Hurricane Hunters®,, and  Now, as part of our pro-veteran work, we're minting the first (and only) collection of official OORAH COIN™ NFTs.

Then we're donating most of them to veteran Devil Dogs.  For free.  As a tribute to their service.

Yeah, we know... some folks think the NFT frenzy has cooled a bit.  Well, maybe that’s a good thing.  Because it means things can only go up.  Also, the reality is this: every month there are about 100,000 NFT sales totaling roughly $125M in value, and in January of 2023, ETH was up 37%. 

So our timing might be good.  Will these OORAH Coins be worth a gazillion dollars one day?  Who knows.  They might.  They might not.  A bunch of CryptoPunks were given away for free when they launched, and now look at them.  Let's hope the same thing happens to OORAH Coins... because on the next boom cycle, the beneficiaries will be the good guys. 

- Christian and Aleco


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Each OORAH COIN is one of a kind.  The color schemes and patterns are all unique, symbolizing different facets of OORAH culture, and of course adding to the uniqueness of each coin.



We're proud to announce that the first veteran to receive an OORAH COIN is Rob D'Amico.  Rob served a total of 29 years in the Marine Corps (active duty and reserves) and then went to the FBI, where he tallied a remarkable list of accomplishments:
• Operator with the FBI's fabled Hostage Rescue Team
• FBI Senior Advisor to JSOC
• FBI Legal Attache, Kabul
• Chief of the FBI's Counter Drone System. 
Rob is the real deal. And he's now the owner of OORAH COIN NO. 1.

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